About goci.io

Goci.io aims to reduce operational Overhead by offering pre-configured and managed Tools. Open-Source Tooling can help detect Issues faster, reduce recurring Work, and simplify daily Workflows. Use the right Tool for the Job without increasing Risk or Effort. Find out more about our Benefits.



Automate Terraform Workflows

CloudSploit Scanner

Ensure Cloud Compliance and Security

Renovate Bot

Keep Dependencies Up to Date


Build and Publish Docker Images

Can't find the Tool you are looking for?

We are always looking for new useful Tools to add to our Platform.
Let us know what you need and allow us to make more Tools available to Everyone.

Your Feedback is important

We value Feedback at Goci very much and always strive for Improvement.
We opened goci-io/goci-community to track any open Issues and discuss further Needs.
We not only appreciate Feedback, we rely on it! Help us covering more Areas, simplifying Daily Processes, and offer a wider Range of preconfigured Tools.


Managed Open-Source Tooling

For each Tool, you need to reconcile Security Aspects, available Resources, an appropriate Setup, and take Responsibility to keep them Up and Running. Save Time and Money with Goci's preconfigured Stacks, enhancing Possibilities without increasing Risk or Effort. Read more

Bring your own Accounts

Bring your existing AWS Accounts, connect existing Git Repositories, and much more. We can help you to Provision and Maintain Resources in external Accounts. This allows you to keep an Overview and integrate new Providers and Tools seamlessly into your existing Infrastructure.

No Compromises on Workflows

There are plenty of Open-Source Tools available that can help improving Workflows or to detect Issues faster. With Goci.io it is not necessary to make Compromises on your Workflows. At Goci.io we basically take Responsibility to maintain Tools while you can configure and use them.

Transparent IaC Provisioning

We use Terraform at Goci.io and have plenty of Modules available on Github. We ensure that our Platform fulfills your Desired State in a reproducible Way and enables you to get rid of most Cold-Start problems. All created Resources can be exported as Terraform Code to Provision it elsewhere.

Secure by Default

All Tools we deploy at Goci.io are set up with their most secure and efficient Configuration. Default Options are provided on known Best-Practices and Recommendations. Traffic is always encrypted at Rest and hardcoded Credentials are avoided whenever possible.

Continuously new Offers

We will continuously implement new Tools and plan to allow external Providers to host their Tooling at Goci.io. Whenever something is missing we are happy to investigate how we can support your Use-Cases. Stay up to date with our latest Offers on our Blog.

Our Blog provides additional Information about CI Pipelines, Infrastructure-As-Code Topics and latest Changes at Goci. You can read more about our Setup in general, find out how to use our preconfigured Tools or how to build a similar Hosting-Solution by Your own.

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