About goci.io

With goci.io we automate as much as possible of our work to reduce operational overhead for Tech Businesses. Q&A flows provide relevant information to make informed decisions about IT Infrastructure and Cloud Setups. Preconfigured and managed tools, integrated into your stack allowing to gain all the great benefits of Open-Source Tooling but still focus on your Product.

  •   Work with Infrastructure As Code
  •   Recommendations and Best Practices
  •   Q&A based flows to make informed decisions
  •   Covering topics like Cloud, Security, Cost, etc.
  •   Get uncomplicated help from our Freelancers, if needed

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Managed Open-Source Tooling

Save time and money with goci.io's preconfigured stacks, enhancing possibilities without increasing risk or effort. Setups can be exported as Terraform HCL.

Bring your own Accounts

Bring existing Accounts (AWS, GitHub, Auth0, etc.) or Terraform State and integrate new providers and tools seamlessly into your existing infrastructure.

No Compromises on Workflows

We do our best to achieve desired workflows with the least effort possible on your side. Request new features if something is missing for you.

Transparent IaC Provisioning

Our platform fulfills your desired state in a reproducible way and enables you to get rid of most cold-start problems using Terraform.

Secure by Default

All services offered by goci.io provide a secure and efficient configuration based on known best practices and recommendations.

We listen to your Feedback

Feedback is important to us and helps us to validate new features and improve our platform continuously. Help us to build a better platform from day to day.

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Our Skills

Cloud Services

Cloud Migrations, Serverless Application Model, Managed Services, Scaling, Security, Multi-Cloud Setup and Kubernetes

Continous Integrations

CI/CD concepts, Pipelines, automated Testing & Reports, Load Tests, GitOps, Release Management and Observability

Product Development

Modern software development (Front- and Backend), Event-driven design, Service and API Integrations, Performance Analysis and Improvements

Building Platforms

Recommendations and Best Practices to design and build your own IT platform. Cost optimizations, Remote Work and Identity Management