Connect Bitbucket Account with

To connect your Bitbucket Account with you need to generate a new “App Password”. If you prefer to use a dedicated “bot user” switch to the Bot users account first. Follow these steps to successfully connect your Bitbucket account:

  1. Navigate to your Personal Settings (bottom left corner)

  2. Navigate to the “App Passwords” item within the Access Management area of the menu

  3. Click “Create app password”

  4. Enter a unique name and select required scopes:

The above example creates an app password required for Renovate Bot to run.

  1. Switch back to
  2. Start deploying a new Tool for example
  3. Fill out the required fields to connnect your account to Bitbucket:

Note: Take the username from the user who created the app password. You can find the username under Personal Settings -> Account Settings -> Bitbucket profile settings. Also make sure to enter the URL-friendly name of your Workspace.