Goci Starts With Closed Beta Program
by goci.io

At goci.io we have decided to start slowly and validate our Idea within a closed Beta Program. We do this to make sure our System is secure, stable, and efficient enough to release it to a bigger Audience. Initially, we will only support a few Tools. Read more about the Release under “What Is Included”.

Our Beta Program is completely for free, depending on your Organization’s Size.

You can already sign up by contacting us using the provided Contact Form or by dropping us an E-Mail at support@goci.io. We will update this Post and send you an E-Mail once we have an exact Release-Date to announce.

goci.io In Detail

Inspired by the Kubernetes Operator Pattern Goci’s Focus is to eliminate recurring Tasks and make it easy for everyone to Install and Use Open-Source Tools. There are several Tools out there that help to keep Applications stable and secure, improving Development Throughput or automate Tasks. Taking care of the Details for every Tool can become very time consuming and disrupts Focus on your original Business Goal. Goci works without any Agents or Software you need to maintain. Our Goal is to reduce as much operational Overhead as possible without limiting you in the Workflows you desire. Because our Business Focus is purely Tech, it allows us to spend more Time on implementing CI Toolchains, automate Workflows, and continuously refine Setups in Terms of Cost, Performance, and Security.

What Is Included

We want to work together with our Beta Customers to implement the Tools they need. Once we have implemented a new Tool it will be available to Everyone. Initially, we start with a small but growing Set of Tools. The following List describes our current Offers:

  1. Setup a managed Atlantis to get started with Terraform in Minutes
  2. Setup a managed Renovate Bot to get automated Dependency and Security Updates
  3. Run simple CloudSploit/Scans as CronJob and send Notifications to your desired Channel
  4. Build and Deploy Discord Bots on goci.io in a few Minutes
  5. Get a dedicated DNS Zone to support Incoming Webhooks and TLS
  6. Free Encryption at Rest for all Tools
  7. Simplifying Version Updates for installed Tools
  8. Connect existing Git Organizations (GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket)
  9. Connect existing AWS Accounts using an IAM Role with Trust Relation

What To Expect In The Future

We want to continuously enable our Customers to use the Tools they need. Whenever there is something missing we will do our best to support your Use Case. Simply reach out to us on GitHub, Discord, or Mail to have a Chat.

Our long Term Goal is not only to reduce operational Overhead for Developers but also make it easy for Everyone to offer a Managed Version for their own Open-Source Tools using our Platform. This would enable Open Source Maintainers to actually earn Money for Maintenance without creating a dedicated Hosting Platform. Our Customers deserve the best possible Support from the Right People.

Free up Time again and get Things done with the Tools you Love.

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